Ray Breener
Ray Breener
Vital statistics
Title Rabo, Ray, Raymond, Reidak
Gender Male
Race White
Faction Ivy Walker Productions, Chris Music Productions
Health Good
Level Actor, Rapper
Status Rapper
Location House

Raymond "Ray" Breener (born in 1996) is one of the members of the HIM team as well as a rapper by the name of Harlequin.

Biography Edit

Ray Breener is one of the few teenage members of the HIM Company. He is always looking to improve his rapping skills, and hopes to become a famous rapper one day. At one time, he wore a shaved head and bore a mustache, however, he stopped growing his mustache and shaving his head after receiving negative reception towards it.

Songs Edit

  • "Love the Way you Lie" by Rabo ft. Holly Hanesone (originally by Eminem ft. Rihanna)
  • "And You Can't Do Nothin' 'Bout That!" by Rabo ft. Faith Faithykins
  • "Billionaire" by Rabo ft. Holly Hanesone (originally by Travie McCoy ft. Bruno Mars)
  • "Rihanna Medley" by Ivy Walker ft. Fuzzy Pudding, Mimi Starbrick, and Harlequin (originally by Rihanna)
  • "Club Can't Handle me Right Now" by Andy Softserve ft. Harlequin
  • "Whatever Happens (Happens)" by Levi Gramy ft. Harlequin (original)
  • "3 AM" by Harlequin ft. Levi Gramy (original)
  • "Oh My!" by Timothy Starbrick ft. Harlequin (originally by Haley Reinhart ft. B.o.B.)
  • "You Can't Take Me" by Timothy Starbrick ft. Harlequin (originally by Bryan Adams)

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Trivia Edit

  • Other names of Ray in the past have been Reidak Boy (a nickname from when he was younger and into BIONICLE) and Rabo (his first rap name).

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