Pants: The Movie
Rating PG-13, Genre Action/Drama
Released October 11th, 2011
Runtime 28 Minutes, 16 Seconds
Directed by Ivy Walker
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Pants 2: Melted Chocolate

Pants: The Movie is a movie produced by Ivy Walker Productions.

Official Description Edit

19-year-old Carnina loves her house, but can't live in it because of the fact it's infested with lice. She hires Reginald to exterminate them, but fails. She tells Sergeant Bluhe, who recommends the use of a radioactive detonator. Upon detonation, ooze consumes the town, killing Marshammy.

Movie Plot Edit

Carnina, who has been driven out of her house because of an infection of lice, is forced to live outside. Meanwhile, Brentolla and Tomitha "Tommee" are struggling to survive with the $20 a week that they have been receiving.

Cast Edit

Crew Edit

Soundtrack Edit

The original soundtrack was produced by Chris Music Productions and distributed through the same company.

  • 1 "Theme Song from Pants" by Ivy Walker and Mimi Starbrick
  • 2 "Living in the Garage" by Mimi Starbrick ft. Ivy Walker
  • 3 "The Lice are Taking my Home" by Mimi Starbrick ft. Banette Robinson Starbrick and Ivy Walker

Trivia Edit

  • This was the first Ivy Walker Production made.
  • "Pants" had the most songs, but only one was used in the movie.
  • It is assumed Tommee and Brentolla will move to a new home in the sequel (Pants 2: Melted Chocolate), as Ivan and Hahli are shown using the beds. It is also likely that the detonator affected their house by scattering things everywhere. It is very possible that they will be main characters in the sequel and TV series, "Shorts"
  • "Pants" is the first movie that will have a sequel. Eraser will be the second, since it is to be followed by "Eraser 2: Don't Erase Me Away"