Cold Butter
Rating - R, Genre - Horror
Released November 1st, 2011
Runtime 15 Minutes, 16 Seconds
Directed by Ivy Walker
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Cold Butter is a movie produced by Ivy Walker Productions.

Official Description Edit

Four college students set out on an adventure, only to mee the suspicious Jarodi. Eventually, they suspect that he killed his long-missing family. It's true, and Banker boldly asks "Hey, why'd you kill people?".

Cast Edit

Crew Edit

Soundtrack Edit

The original soundtrack was produced by Chris Music Productions and distributed through the same company.

  • 1 "We Are Here" by Mimi Starbrick
  • 2 "You Can't Do Nothin' 'Bout That!" by Faith Faithykins ft. Rabo
  • 3 "Suspect" by Ivy Walker
  • 4 "Jack and Jill" by Vocal Point

Trivia Edit

  • "Cold Butter" was originally going to be released before Halloween, but was filmed 3:00 10/31/11, and released the next day.
  • "Cold Butter" has the worst lighting.
  • "Cold Butter" has the least views on YouTube.
  • Mimi mocks Sharky several times, and Ivy pretends to hit people.
  • "Cold Butter" has the smallest cast of all of the Ivy Walker Productions to date
  • It was the first movie to feature "cast errors", where the cast becomes a problem.
  • "Cold Butter" is the shortest movie to date, being only fifteen minutes long.