Chewy Milk
Rating - G, Genre - True Story
Released November 29th, 2011
Runtime 15 Minutes, 24 Seconds
Directed by Ivy Walker
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Chewy Milk is a movie produced by Ivy Walker Productions.

Official Description Edit

A family in 1781 decides to move west to California like the other pioneers. However, they face challenges, such as the death of their horses.

Cast Edit

Crew Edit

Soundtrack Edit

The original soundtrack was produced by Chris Music Productions and distributed through the same company.

  • 1 "Chewy Milk" by Ivy Walker
  • 2 "Theme" by Darius Thomas
  • 3 "We Arrived" by Pup Starbrick, Ivy Walker, Mimi Starbrick, Holly Hanesone, Sharky Frand, and Ray Breener
  • 4 "Lillysauce" by Urban Method

Trivia Edit

  • "Chewy Milk" was the first IWP movie to be filmed outside.
  • Holly was forced into the movie, kept leaving, and was hit by Mimi.
  • "Chewy Milk" was the last 2011 movie made.
  • "Chewy Milk" was based on a true story.