Cast Errors are fights, errors, or problems that occur during movies.

List of Cast Errors in Cold Butter Edit

  • Mimi Starbrick calls out "Set change!" after the scene with the kids introducing themselves to Jarodi.
  • During the scene where everyone is getting to bed, Mimi forgets her line and asks Ivy Walker, who forgets as well. She then reads the script as well as the directions such as "turn page" or "go to bed". Then, they forget what to do next, so Ivy suggests they cut the scene. They go to the next scene, but never actually cut out the scene.
  • After the song "Jack and Jill", Ivy faces several problems with the cast wandering off. She orders that Holly Hanesone doesn't take any more bathroom breaks. Later on, Sharky Frand leaves, provoking Mimi to mock her by saying "I'm sorry. I need go.". Then, Ivy fake hits her, which makes Mimi say "OWWWW" in her mocking voice. Then, Ivy gets irritated and shouts "EVERYONE, BEHAVE YOURSELF! I DON'T WANT TO HAVE TO TAKE ANOTHER TAKE! Alright? (fake slaps Holly)", then Holly says "Ow" even though she wasn't hit. Ivy also gets mad at Mimi for eating her Jell-o.